President of the Clan Little Society, Inc., which celebrates the ancient Clan Little, granted Scottish lands by King James in 1426.


Communications Officer for Minnesota Mensa, the high IQ society that provides members with opportunities for intellectual and social interaction.


Chair of the Planning Committee for Lake Superior Freethinkers, which provides mutual support and intellectual growth for Duluth’s humanists, secularists, agnostics, and atheists.


Instructor of courses for seniors at Juniper.com, which helps Minnesota communities create a culture of health, prevention, and wellness.

Commissioner at the Duluth Charter Commission, which acts on matters relating to the framing and amending of the Duluth City Charter.

RAKtivist at Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, which produces a calendar of daily activities to counteract the incivilities of the current age.

Member of the Duluth Scottish Heritage Association, which aims to perpetuate Scottish culture in the Duluth-Superior area.

Life Member , the American Humor Studies Association, which promotes scholarship on all aspects and periods of American humor.