Professor Jim Lyttle at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY on 2/23/06.

Dr. Lyttle earned a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Philosophy and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada; an MBA using the Harvard Case Method from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada; and a Ph.D. in Organization Studies from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada.

He also completed Graduate Studies in Psychology at Long Island University and Special Studies in Comparative Religion and Psychology of Religion at the University of Toronto.

He taught for several years at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University, the Great Valley Campus for Graduate Professional Studies at Penn State University, and the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota before retiring in 2016.

Details of Jim’s Education

Professor Jim Lyttle at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY on 2/23/06.
Thank you for being the patient and incredible teacher you are.  You are one of the only teachers I’ve had throughout college who made an effort to keep lectures interesting while teaching us what we had to know at the same time.  I’ve had you for three classes now, and always looked forward to attending class.  You seem to genuinely care about students who care.  Importantly, you reminded me that grades aren’t everything and, although I get average grades, that doesn’t mean I’m not smart.  Also, I appreciate the pro-feminist comments you make on a daily basis.  I look up to you and just wanted to thank you for all you’ve taught me.
Kayla Bongers.

I can’t tell you that I remember everything from your class, but what I can tell you is that I remember you.  I have had dozens of professors in my five years of college, and you stood out among them.  I guarantee this could be said by many of your students.  As to why I remember you, that’s simple.  It’s because you cared.  There was one time, I don’t know if you can recall, that I came to your office.  We were discussing the timeline of a paper or something of the sort, and we got on a random discussion about music.  You then proceeded to pull out your scrapbook of these vintage photos of you in a rock band in Canada.  I loved that.  I’ve never had a teacher share something personal with me and it humanized you.  I guess the point of this email is to tell you thank you.  All that you have done for me as an educator is greatly appreciated.
Gage Rossbach.

Details of Jim’s Experience

Professor Jim Lyttle at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY on 2/23/06.
I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for a great semester.  I genuinely appreciate your support during the term.  Your positive attitude and encouragement motivated us to work harder.  In all honesty, I was skeptical when I took the class at first, because I was not sure how the class would benefit me, but the theories we studied were an eye opener for me regarding different aspects of my current work environment.  It may sound weird, but I feel as though I am able to view my current workplace with a different set of eyes.  I have also been able to relate different topics we discussed in class to areas outside my work life, which reaffirms how much of an impact the course had on me.  Similarly, you were able to present the material to us in a comical manner, which made it that much more exciting!  Although I might not have been one of the best students, I don’t want that to be a reflection of how much I enjoyed and benefited from the class.
Dahlia Elshourbagy.

You were always my favorite instructor, mostly because you were always the best at keeping lectures entertaining and lively, even those 2 and a half hour night classes!  I graduated from the Labovitz School of business just two years ago, but in those short two years I have had a lot of time to reflect on my time at Labovitz, and you have always stood out as one of the most devoted professors the school has.  Your dedication to teaching the case method and dedication to your research on humor are evidence of that.  I know UMD and Labovitz would greatly benefit from having more faculty as devoted as you!
Chris Lehmann.

Professor Jim Lyttle at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY on 2/23/06.
You always ran an engaging classroom full of insight and humor, and made the experience enjoyable to be a part of.  It was awesome to be able to learn from someone of your pedigree at UMD, and I want to congratulate you on your success in academia and wish you luck on your future endeavors!
Zachary Pochucha.

I just concluded our annual sales meeting this week (in Miami Lakes, FL!).  I had to give two presentations, one with a group (although I designed it).  Several at the meeting commented that the presentations were well constructed, with excellent graphics and layout.  This is no doubt a result of taking your course.  Each group was rated with a point system so a winning team was announced.  Our team won, with each member actually getting a cash prize!  Thanks again for the high quality instruction.  It is starting to pay dividends.
Steve Bell.

Dr. Lyttle is one of the best professors I’ve ever had.  I took his classes numerous times under my Master of Business program at Penn State.  He uses real business cases to help students understand business concepts, problem solving and creativity.  He challenges the students minds and really teaches you how to think.
Dan Lievens.

Professor Jim Lyttle at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY on 2/23/06.
Thank you again for coming to teach at UMD this year.  Your ability to communicate information makes you the the most effective educator I have had in my five years of college classes.
Nick Unger.

He was one of the best professors in the business program at Penn State.  He has an extensive knowledge in his area as well as a deep understanding of foreign culture.  As business goes global today, I believe that both business and academia will appreciate a talent like him.  I strongly recommend him.
Yoshie Sawa Hanson.

Professor Lyttle is one of the best professors here at UMD.  I have learned a great deal about organizational behavior and management in his class.  His weekly quizzes make sure you keep on top of the subject matter.  His tests are tough, but you learn a lot.  I would recommend Professor Lyttle to any of my classmates.  It has been a pleasure to be one of his students.
Robert Whitcomb.