For decades I taught at American universities including Penn State, the University of Minnesota, and Long Island University.

Professor Jim Lyttle at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY on 2/23/06.

For the most part, my job was to teach courses in organizational behavior. I taught theory to undergraduates to prepare them for the world of work and case studies to graduate students, who were already immersed in the world of work.

I also conducted research on the effective and responsible use of humor in persuasion, as in politics or education. In that context, I have made presentations at several academic conferences.

Sometimes, researchers have referred to my research in their own pursuit of knowledge about humor. Many of these citations are listed here. Some are from academic journals and some are from other publications such as books or dissertations.


I have often given speeches to community groups: sometimes on the topic of my research on humor or my teaching with the Harvard Case Method. However, I am now focused on trying to understand Wisdom and plan to speak more about that.

In my younger days, I played in several show bands and later designed lighting for dozens of theatrical productions in Toronto.