Lord, surround me with those
who seek the truth and deliver
me from those who’ve found it.


Am I the Jim Lyttle you were looking for?

James Bruce Lyttle, born September 20, 1952 in North Bay, Ontario (Canada). Grew up and went to school in Southern Ontario. Played across Canada in traveling show bands for several years while still known as Bruce Lyttle. Then worked on the Canadian government’s Telidon project at Electrohome Electronics. Later, designed lighting for dozens of Toronto theatrical productions. In 1994, started post-secondary teaching at the DeVry Institute of Technology in Toronto.

In 2001, completed a doctorate at York University (Toronto) and moved to New York City to work as a university professor. Taught courses in Organizational Behavior using the Harvard case method of participant-centered learning and did research on “the effective and responsible use of humor for persuasion.” Retired in 2016. Now focusing on volunteer service while raising a delightful young daughter.

Feel free to browse through this site for seemingly endless details about all of this.